Dundee Wharf

Dundee Wharf Welcome Pack for residents


You are responsible for your own electricity bills. The electricity meter is in the service cupboard in the corridor outside your flat so that it can be read at any time. Off peak rates are between 23.30hrs and 06.30hrs. Electric power costs are the responsibility of individual residents.

You might be interested in knowing that Britain's Greenest Electricity (from a supplier) is available at Dundee Wharf. Indeed the company Ecotricity claims to generate only 8 grams of CO2 per KWh (see http://www.ecotricity.co.uk).

Water supply:

The water rates are included within your service charge. Stopcocks are located in the service cupboards in the corridor outside your flat and a second stopcock is in the airing cupboard above the water tank. Before turning off the water supply make sure that the hot water immersion heater is switched off. Failure to do so could cause severe damage to the heaters and the tank.

The water supply is a high-pressure system boosted by pumps located in the basement car park. There is a pressure-reducing valve in your flat. If the pressure at the tap is too high, adjust the stopcock. It is recommended that pressure should not be too high as this increases the risk of leaks.

When leaving the flat empty for extended periods it is recommended that the water supply is turned off.

Hot Water:

All power to the development is electric. The immersion heater (hot water tank) is a high-pressure system and is fitted with safety valves in case of excess pressure. The hot tanks are of two types either Megaflow or Tornado. The Tornado is a copper cylinder and some of these have leaked due to age deterioration. Please inspect your hot water tank regularly. The safety valves must be tested maintained annually. Failure to do so could result in loss of hot water draining into the basement car park or in the extreme damage to the water tank with consequential flooding. Regularly check the drainage tun-dish on the side of the hot water tank, if there are signs of moisture or build up of limescale this is an indication that the safety valve is faulty.


All power to the development is electric. Thermostatically controlled radiators are fitted.

Smoke detection:

Mounted on the ceiling is on its own circuit and connected to the main fire panel. The back up battery is fitted within the ceiling unit. The battery will require to be replaced about every 12 months.

The double windows/doors in the lobby outside your flat are smoke vents that are designed to open automatically in the event of a fire. When opened these windows set off the fire alarm and the fire service are automatically contacted via the central fire control system. Please do not open these windows unnecessarily false alarms to the fire service can endanger life.

Please make yourself and all occupants of your flat aware of the fire precautions.