Dundee Wharf

Dundee Wharf Welcome Pack for residents

Maintenance within your flat:

Your lease will contain details of maintenance obligations.

Rendall and Rittner Limited have a list of contractors available should you require any work done. Using these will help to assure that you are dealing with a bona fide company.

Problems have been encountered from time to time with the dishwashers and with the plumbing in certain flats. Plumbing checks are organised from time to time on a collective basis and you will be notified of these separately, at the appropriate time. This work is your responsibility as a flat owner and you are strongly advised to maintain your equipment on an annual basis to ensure that it is operating safely.

Making Alterations:

Approval and permission must be obtained from The Managing Agents for any alterations to your flat as set out in the lease.

Some alterations that you might at first sight consider minor might in fact seriously affect the structural performance of the building.


Should you employ contractors you are liable to ensure that the contractor is properly qualified and insured. Please consider your neighbours when undertaking any work. You should ensure that your contractors protect the common areas e.g. do not leave debris in the lobby, the lifts etc. All materials waste must be removed from the site and not merely left in the dustbin shed. Furthermore, all contractors must be covered by adequate insurance.