Dundee Wharf

Dundee Wharf Welcome Pack for residents


Your lease will contain information about the number of your allotted parking space. Unauthorised vehicles may be clamped.

Each of the parking spaces are owned by a Lessee. Please only park in your own space.

Should you wish to purchase or rent a second parking space please contact R&R.

Please use your fob when arriving by car. The Security Team has additional duties and is not intended only to be present to open the gates for arriving cars.

If you change your car please give details to the Security Team.

Visitors' parking:

Some parking spaces at ground level are available for use by your visitors and are marked as Visitor Spaces. Please use your allocated space in the lower car park for your own car.

The Security Team will direct visitors to allocated spaces and issue a temporary permit. Visitors will be expected to restrict the length of time they occupy a space to three consecutive days. Unauthorised vehicles may be clamped.

Contractors working on the estate will be issued with a contractor’s permit.


There are several bicycle stores within the basement car park. The use of the store is free, keys for the store can be obtained on receipt of a refundable deposit (currently £10). Bicycles should not be left on balconies or in corridors or emergency exit areas, nor chained to railings around Dundee Wharf.