Dundee Wharf

Dundee Wharf Welcome Pack for residents

Domestic Appliances:

Should you replace any domestic appliance please be sure to make arrangements for the disposal of your broken or obsolete unit. Please do put them in the dustbin shed once appropriate arrangements have been made.

Original dishwashers have caused fires in the past. Please do not leave dishwashers or washing machines running when you are not in attendance. Arrange regular maintenance of appliances by a qualified service agent, especially the dishwashers.

Cable Television:

The site is connected to Cable and Wireless cable, who you should contact to make arrangement to receive their service.


There are currently two landline providers to the block, BT and Cable and Wireless.

Video Entry:

This is linked to the main gate and to the exit door to your block, video entry system only operates at the main gate, the entry system at the exit to your block is audio only.