Dundee Wharf

Dundee Wharf Welcome Pack for residents


Please have consideration for your neighbours and do not disturb them. Please do not play music too loudly, do not let doors slam. You should refer to the precise terms of your lease for further guidance.

Should you experience any problems with noise from others please contact Rendall & Rittner.

Do not fix audio speakers to party walls.


Flats are designed to be carpeted, the sound proofness of the flat relies upon the special fibre underlay and the carpets. Your lease contains details of your obligations to ensure that the flat still has adequate flooring. Wooden floors are in contravention of the lease and might affect any future sale of the flat.

Wooden floors are not recommended as these floors transmit noise to the flat below. In the event of water leaks wooden floors can result in extensive consequential damage.

If wooden floors are contemplated special attention must be given to adequate soundproofing, standard supply soundproofing it rarely sufficient.


Party walls consist of two independent metal stud frames lined on both sides with a build up of 32mm plasterboard and with mineral wool insulation in between. Party walls in the top floor flats are 215mm blocks lined with plasterboard.

Partition walls within the flats consist of metal stud frames with one layer of plasterboard each side.

Screw fixings to the plasterboard are generally unsafe especially for heavy items. Special plasterboard fixings should be used.

Concealed electric cables and water pipes are located within the inner and the party walls. If any fitting is drilled into the wall extreme care must be made not to puncture cables or pipes which may lie beneath the surface.


The roof structure is provided by engineered timber trussed rafters, felted, battened and tiled with fibrous cement slates.