Dundee Wharf

The history of Dundee Wharf:

Dundee Wharf is a well-known building in Docklands, with an extremely prominent position on the River Thames. It was built in 1997 by Ballymore Properties to designs by the architect Piers Gough, a partner at Campbell Zogolvich Wiltinson and Gough (CZWG), see Ballymore site on Dundee Wharf. Piers Gough additionally designed the bridge over Limekiln Dock. The flats enjoy sensational views; with many enjoying a double aspect over the river - upstream to Tower Bridge and downstream towards Greenwich.

The name Limehouse comes from the lime oasts in Limekiln Dock in the 14th century and used to produce quick lime for building mortar. Pottery manufacture followed. In 1660 Samuel Pepys visited a porcelain factory in Duke’s Shore. Limekiln Wharf was established in 1740 as England’s first soft past porcelain factory. Industry moved into building barges and thrived well into the 19th century.
around 1948-58, From www.portcities.org.uk
Dundee Wharf is on the embankment known as the Dunbars. Dundee, Aberdeen, Caledonia and Dunbar Wharves were owned by Dundee Perth and London Shipping Company. Their office building stands today adjacent to the entrance to Dundee Wharf. In 1835 their passenger paddle steamers SS London and SS Perth carried passengers on a twice-weekly service to Dundee Scotland. A first class cabin cost 42 shillings and sixpence. More or less opposite the main entrance were banana warehouses, to the right River Plate Wharf. The river ferry from Limehouse Pier left from Limehouse Stairs. Prior to its demolition Dundee Wharf was a “massive fortress like warehouse” trading in general goods. The air was scented by the juniper berries used for the manufacture of London gin and stored at St Dunstan’s Wharf on the opposite side of Limekiln. The Lockett Wilson was the last vessel that regularly used Dundee Wharf; it plied its trade between Dundee Wharf and up the Seine to Paris.
Dundee Wharf and Buchanan's Wharf, c.1950 , From www.portcities.org.uk

The first voluntary emigrants to Australia left from the Dunbars - the involuntary emigrants from Wapping Old Stairs.