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Water and Boiler


It is the responsibility of the landlord (flat owner) to organise regular checks (yearly) of the water tank/boiler by a qualified plumber and in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and recommendations.

If the air gap in the heater is not replenished routinely then this will give rise to water being discharged unnecessarily via the blow off pipes. This is currently evident from the water discharg taking place in the basement car park.

Such lack of maintenance can also cause costly issues like water floodings which could damage your furniture, carpet, walls, wooden floors as well as the flats below. If your boiler leaks, you will also pay a little fortune in electricity as the overflow is hot water.

The pages below will show you one way to detect a leaking tank and how it is possible to do a basic boiler service. This is in no way an endorsement of a method for doing it, neither a request nor an invitation to perform this procedure. You accept full responsibility for performing these steps.

The steps below are show for a MEGAFLO tank. We recommend that you refer to the MEGAFLO manufacturer instructions/manual or from your supplier. (Google search on MEGAFLO)

Detecting if boiler leaks:

Here are a few steps to detect if a boiler is leaking.

The boiler/water tank is situated in a cupboard in your flat
Water tank/boiler

Roll a piece of kitchen towel and put it through the tundish (opening) of the overflow pipe.
Leave it overnight like this:
kitchen towel to detect leak

First thing in the morning, check if the paper is wet. If it is, your water tank is leaking and the water could be flooding your flat. It is also sending hot water straight down to the underground car park.

There could be 2 main reasons for this:
  1. The Hot Water Valve is damaged/leaking and you should call a plumber (see Useful Numbers).
  2. The water tank has filled up with water to the top and the air pocket has disappeared. This can usually be easily remedied to by a plumber or by taking some steps described here. Following these steps is at your own risk.
    Water Tank filled up

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